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Lifelong Learning Opportunities

You don’t need to be a student to find enriching educational experiences in northwestern Vermont! Vermonters are adventurous and curious by nature and opportunities to learn something new abound.

For people looking to expand their horizons within the arts, local theater groups offer acting and improv classes, while local arts organizations such as the Milton Artist’s Guild and Burlington City Arts have calendars filled with learning opportunities.

If your area of interest is in the natural world, Vermont is an ideal place to grow your knowledge. There are fantastic organizations such as Audubon Vermont, the Green Mountain Club, and Shelburne Farms that lead classes on a wide range of interesting topics. It’s safe to say that if you are looking to learn something new about an aspect of Vermont’s environment, you should be able to locate an organization that can help you.

Vermont is rich with history and has many local historical societies to tap into for learning about our past.  The Vermont Historical Society and Vermont Humanities Council also hold a range of talks and guided discussions and have online resources for self-guided learning.

And of course, our colleges offer opportunities to learn about more academic topics. Community College of Vermont has 12 academic centers across the state—one within 25 miles of every Vermont household to make accessing classes easy, not to mention online learning!

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